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Comparison between General Tuk Tuk Service in Sri Lanka and Tuk Tuk Rental Negombo

We present you an article on rent a tuk tuk in Sri lanka which is known as the easiest and cheapest transport system in Sri Lanka. It is none other than “Tuk Tuk” which is known as Trishaw or Three-Wheeler. We would like to recommend you strongly to take a ride in a Tuk Tuk or rent a tuk tuk in Sri lanka at least once on your visit. Enjoying the beauty of Sri lanka riding in a Tuk Tuk will definitely give you a new experience mingled with adventure and fun. Although many tourists are scared to travel in the Tuk Tuk as there are no doors, but it is fun and you feel victorious once you complete your journey. Driving a tuk tuk (self-drive) gives you unforgettable experience as it is adventures and fun. 

Most of the Tuk Tuk in Negombo and Colombo

consisted with fare Meters as well as they are connected to Uber online system. Thus, make sure to get into one of those when you rent a tuk tuk in Sri Lanka and to be safe and to save your money. Normal rate is Rs. 60 for the first KM and Rs. 35 for each KM after but at night charges differ as there are limited Tuk Tuk. Night charges apply after 9 pm- Rs 100 for the first Km and Rs 50 for each Km after that. To be true that there are some tuk tuks without fare meters, with which you have to come to a conclusion after negotiation. you have to make sure that you come to a conclusion before you rent a tuk tuk in Sri lanka and agree on a fare with driver before getting in. 

Most of the Tuk Tuk drivers do not speak perfect English but they manage to communicate to you with their broken language. Once they become friendly with you they will feel free to share their views and ideas, and some time they may be talkative and probably share with you a lot of interesting stories with you. At the same time, you can collect a lot of information about the city where you travel and will be able to get certain useful information. If you are satisfied with the Tuk Tuk driver, you can invite him to accompany to the whole trip.  

Rent a tuk tuk in Negombo

We Tuk Tuk Rental Negombo has introduced a Tourist Friendly Tuk Tuk service which offers the service for a reasonable price. Rent tuk tuk Sri lanka provides Tourists an opportunity to do self-driving and enjoy the journey with unlimited freedom.  We offer seasonal discounts as well as discounts for tours more than 10 days. We provide new Tuk Tuk so that tourists will not face unnecessary issues such as break down and maintenance issues while they travel. Pick up and drop is available at any point in Sri Lanka (Negombo to Negombo free, service charges will be added for the other locations). Our ultimate purpose is to provide a genuine service to the tourists and to support low income families of Tuk Tuk drivers. 

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